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Our Brands

North American Spine

The flagship brand, North American Spine offers innovative, minimally invasive back and neck surgeries and enjoys a solid track record of superior outcomes. The minimally invasive, laser spine procedures enjoy high recognition in their markets and the aging population encourages strong natural growth.

Migraine Treatment Centers of America

Migraine Treatment Centers of America is the exclusive provider of the Omega™ Procedure, a non-pharmaceutical surgical implant for the relief of chronic migraine pain. Increasing awareness of neurostimulation techniques, vocal support from past patients, and favorable insurance policies position the brand as very high growth.


Evolve, a bariatric surgery brand, benefits from increasing medical consensus on the health benefits of bariatric surgery over conventional diet and exercise for the significantly or morbidly obese. Nationally rising rates of obesity and more farsighted, preventive insurance policies poise the brand for strong growth.

MIRI Women’s Health

MIRI Women’s Health focuses on minimally invasive surgeries for gynecological conditions and offers second opinions for those seeking an alternative to traditional hysterectomies.

Onward Orthopedics

The newest Nobilis offering, Onward Orthopedics treats non-spine joint issues for patients of all ages and types. The brand benefits from partner physicians with solid histories of high-profile sports clients, and can provide referrals to the North American Spine and NueStep brands.


NueStep focuses on the minimally invasive relief of foot and ankle pain due to nerve entrapment and a variety of other podiatric issues. The brand’s success is a result of educational marketing campaigns designed to correct a historical under-appreciation of foot pain and therapeutic modes used to address it.

Clarity Vein & Vascular

Clarity Vein and Vascular provides minimally invasive surgical treatment of painful and/or unsightly vascular conditions ranging from the relatively benign, like varicose or spider veins, to the dangerous, like deep vein thrombosis or peripheral artery disease.

Arizona Vein & Vascular Center

Arizona Vein and Vascular is a mature practice in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area that, like Clarity Vein and Vascular, provides minimally invasive treatment of venous conditions and disorders from the unsightly to the dangerous.

Hamilton Vein and Vascular

Hamilton Vein Center is a leading vein center with multiple Texas locations and an impressive record of successful treatments. Hamilton Vein Center is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, least painful approach to the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders using the most advanced, minimally-invasive procedures available.

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Or download a referral request form here.